About RaDe Group...

RaDe Group is importer of authentic Dutch products, taking cultural differences into account, to fit demand as good as possible. Aside the focus on quality, we only import products if we think they would be of very great value to the Indian market. We do our own research to verify this. Our specialty and main import product is Dutch dairy. We have selected the best quality Gouda cheeses, that are made with vegetarian rennet therefor perfectly suitable for vegetarians. More products will soon follow, and in the (near) future, we will also be offering a wider range of food products, of which all at least have to meet our premium quality standards, and be of great added value. With our specialized team in India and in the Netherlands we want to bring you the best they have to offer.

I am Ajay Kumar R. General Manager and Partner of RaDe Group. At your service.


Ajay Kumar R.

Ajay Kumar R.

General Manager / Senior Partner

Mr: Ajay Kumar R.
General Manager RaDe Group
Tel: +919980298883
@: akumar@rade-group.com
Visiting address:
#1/1, Harsha Layout Main Road,
Kengeri, Bengalûru; 5600060