About Baboos

Footwear should preferably make a unique statement; one-of-a-kind design that allows the wearer to immediately distinguish himself or herself. Our patented “Change it!” concept allows that it can. The collection of exchangeable elements, the soles, the straps and Baboos style icons, guarantees the customer a virtually unlimited number of possible combinations, which is constantly being expanded with new, trendsetting options. That way, Change it! is new every day, an ongoing challenge to your personal taste, always another chance to distinguish yourself. Combine, create and save, because with Change it! ‘something different for a change’ is not a question of money but of taste and durability.

Baboos Mission:
Baboos is the specialist in personal design fashion. Every woman is unique: that is at the heart of design and application. By giving every wearer their own possibilities and combinations, fashion is again a personal choice, a statement: this is me! The woman is our inspiration. Critical, creative, with feel for design. But also a woman who knows how important comfort and sustainability are.

Better, more beautiful, more personal: that’s how Baboos makes the difference.


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